Friday, September 12, 2008

This is too much!

I currently have some evacuees (read family) Not refugees as some reporters have referred to them. Due to this and the nature of my raising in Hurricane country, I feel that I have some ability to weigh in on the reporting going on at major news stations...

Stupid things reporters/weathermen have said during Hurricane Ike:

1. "A strengthening storm is stronger than a weakening storm." (Fox news) really? whoa. years. years of meteorology..

2. Geraldo Rivera on Galveston Island " I don't know how bad it is.. I don't know what too much is.." Turns, sees the ocean HE IS STANDING IN and yells "This is TOO MUCH!" as the 119 mile an hour winds bear down on him. What do you think HUNKER DOWN means? Of course, we can only blame ourselves for getting our news from a man who is most famous for being hit by a chair and finding Al Capone's empty vault. whatever.

3. "One minute, one minute from 11 o'clock when the eye comes through" Seriously. Is the sparkly New Years ball dropping or what? Was that Dick Clark standing by Geraldo Rivera? Too much.

4. Question "This is your neighbor bill, Geraldo, I was wondering if you were worrying about being swept out to sea and what is your plan?"
Geraldo "I have no plan. There is a lot of asphalt from the street out here."

5. Geraldo "This afternoon, conditions were a lot less severe than they are now."
"Just when you think you're through with it, it comes back and hits you in the behind"

6. Reported: Geraldo says "Chuck Norris, Walker Texas Ranger, will take in any refugees from the Hurricanes."
Again, NOT REFUGEES!! Evacuees! E-VAC-U-EES.

"Surge, surge, BIG surge"

"The Gulf of Mexico is like a great big power plant for these storms."
"I think there is more potential energy here."
And the genius reporting from Port LaVaca where there is absolutely NOTHING happening! NOTHING. And they keep putting him back on to tell us that again, NOTHING is happening...

"Now bricks from buildings are flying at us."
to be continued...