Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Second Post

Disclaimer: I hate the "first post" paragraph. It feels so choppy, like when essays are written that begin with the line "I am going to tell you about". For goodness' sake, get on with it. Don't tell me- TELL me! (That's great- now you probably think I'm some sort of wack-a-doo English teacher-type.Ha.) That being said, I guess it bears some sort of introduction.....

It was a cold and rainy night... not really, it was actually around 102 (sizzle sizzle) today in sunny West Texas, but whatever. After spending time admiring the sun-induced natural highlights in my red hair and trying to decide if I was really tan or if my freckles were actually holding hands, I headed to the computer. There I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, Nesting Place. ( The Nester is one fabulous decorator and person- the kind of person you'd want for a BFF and if you couldn't get to be that, you'd go around showing everyone how she signed your yearbook. So go check out her blog! When you're finished here , of course. Which may be now. Who knows?) Anyway, she mentioned that they were looking for writers at another amazing sight, Blissfully Domestic. The spectacular Mrs.Fussypants resides there as Queen. What? What's that? That sound like hail on a tin roof? Only the rapid-fire namedropping. Nothing to fear!

I threw my hat into the ring. So, they want to see my blog, they say.

So now I have one.

There you have it.

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