Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Merry (Halloween) Christmas

Hello there! Well, between hosting evacuees, catching up on home school, and life in general.. well, here I am!

Today's smorgasbord is a motley collection of stuff... one emphasis is Christmas.. not too far away, really. This year, I'll be posting some ideas for your consideration... maybe to do things a little differently this year...maybe to hand make some gifts... maybe to give as a family

Here's a blog I love -Soulemama . Beautiful & creative. She made some of these skirts for her little daughter.. which led me through a series of thoughts... those are easy.. I could sew that (I mean, if I knew how to sew and had a machine) Wouldn't that be a cute Christmas gift? what about "days of the week "skirt sets (you know like those "days of the week" panties we all had when we were little) or this would be so cute in fleece or flannel for Christmas/ winter... she trimmed hers in ribbon (very cute) what about some big rickrack?...or felt flowers? Make a matching skirt for a favorite doll? Make a matching skirt for your daughter and her best friend?

Here's the free pattern :http://www.oliverands.com"Lazy Days skirt"
Have yourself some fun!

From recent personal experience, here's a sign of possible Salmonella in a child... diarrhea with bright red blood in it... Keep on eye on those poops, y'all. 'Tis the season for buffets, samples, etc.!

Yeah! The weather says it is totally about to get COLD!!! I need a new coat.. I mean, it is a need... the last one I bought was when my 6 year old was born ....and it is decimated from park/baby/general outdoor use....seen any cute ones anywhere,y'all?

We'll be breaking out the cold weather snacks here soon... hot spiced cider (wassail) , caramel corn, donuts (homemade), etc. I'll be posting recipes... come and get 'em..

If you love giveaways like I do.. get over to The Nesting Place and sign yourself up!
I am out of time...
Hugs, y'all!!!!!!

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Tammy M. said...

So glad you posted. Thanks for all the links. I am looking forward to Christmas, Rob's dad will be with us I think. Rob already got his Christmas present from his dad, a new truck. Now that's a Christmas present I can't make.