Saturday, November 8, 2008

Great Teacher Present Idea

Looking for a good teacher present idea? Here's a thought... in case you don't know, lots of teachers don't get paid for 6 weeks during the Christmas holidays (depending on how they fall) Sometimes, they get a first paycheck right after Thanksgiving and the next one comes around January 14th or so.

This means that the pennies in the family budget are hollering all during the holidays. This is what one class did for their teacher, which alleviates some of that stress. They gave her 12 Nights of Christmas...Dinners. Either baked a favorite casserole or freezable entree and froze it with directions or bought a gift card to a restaurant or fast food place or made taco meat (frozen) and added tortillas, chips, hot sauce- whatever... at any rate, it added up to twelve days of Christmas Dinners. They brought them up to the school on the last day before holidays and presented them to the teacher! ( I think there were enough kids that the parents could team up in sets of two for each night or gift card) Anyway, I thought this was a cute idea. Obviously, you'd have to ask about allergies... but still cute idea.
Obviously, if you're in a super PC place, you'll have to say 12- days- of- holiday- that- is- unmentionable dinners!
What do you think?

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Miss G said...

I'm a teacher and I think this is a fantastic idea! Kelly

p.s. came over from the Nester's. congrats on your win. :)