Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days of Writing in Community-Day 4: Meet Us Back Here: Your Downward Facing Dog(s)

Downward Facing Dog has many jobs and functions, among them-assessment pose, transitional pose, resting pose, strengthening pose, inversion pose, and rejuvenator. ...Benefits include decrease in tension and headaches..decreased anxiety..." Active.com (Svansana)

The first time I took a yoga class, we learned Down Dog. It's one of those yoga poses that is easy. You can't fall out of Down Dog like you do, say, airplane or tree. Yoga is all about rhythm and I knew that I was a beginner. I knew that there might be poses that proved difficult. Then one of those pivotal moments occurred: (you know, the ones that bring a flash of insight in an unexpected place!) The teacher said that if we got lost at anytime in the class, to return to this pose and wait for the class. The way she said it intrigued me:

"Meet us back here."

Meet us back here. There was no shaming or even, "try harder, do more". It was just meet us back here. When I write , I find myself creating a little community of "Down Dog", places that I go for inspiration, rejuvenation, stress relief. Some are blogs, some books, some people, some places. Some blog favorites include: Nesting Place, Chatting at the Sky, Soulemama,Life in Grace, MelissaWiley.. Books to which I return: Bird by Bird, Outside Lies Magic, Communities of Practice, Why Writing Matters, The Book Whisperer.. The Bible. There are people that I email, or text or message on FB. BFF's, TBF (Teacher best friends), NWPeeps,.. When I feel that what I am doing is overwhelming or I'm getting burned out or I want to share, I go meet all these ideas, people, creativity.. a sort of touchstone to remind me who and what I am about. They are my Downward Facing Dog. I know that whenever we part ways, wherever we go, I can always meet them back here.

What or who are your Down Dogs? (Down DAWGS?) What's your inspiration blog? book? Person? Place?

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