Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Writing in Community: Day 6 -Make the Best Out of Your Mess!

"Make the Best out of your Mess!"
Sign in our Art room, courtesy of
Mrs. Morgan, My Art teacher (k-12)

Yesterday, we talked about making a mess... sometimes we're intentional with our mess-meaning that we know the process is going to be in several pieces for a while. But what of the times that we intend one thing to happen, feel sure that it will, and then the whole thing implodes? Scattered bits of something, glue running off the sides, a paint color that's not quite right...

In Art class growing up, the amazing Mrs. Morgan would say:
"Make the best out of your mess!"
Students whined for new paper,new glue, new paint. But she knew the importance of learning to take a mess, and see the potential for something lovely and unexpected in it.She knew that this as great lesson for art students. I think it works for teachers, writers, and mothers as well.As a writer, the story can stall. Characters don't cooperate.Teachers know the frustration of a class that seems stuck. The lesson that didn't go where go where it was supposed to. Mothers know the days where perfect turns to perfectly awful in a heartbeat.

Life gives us so many messes. Some we create for ourselves. Some we have to deal with, even though we didn't make them.Some seem to be just Fate. A jumble of words. An accident. An illness. All of these messes can translate into something beautiful, or useful, at least.

Part of me can be stubborn about this. I drag my heels; I don't want to make the best of this situation. That's where community helps. I see the encouragement of another person forming something spectacular out of sorrow. I hear words that lift me up. There are hope, and faith, and peace-threaded joy.I read the words another writer dares to string together- and they are precious pearls. Tomorrow, I'll be featuring some fabulous friends who have made the best out of their messes. For now, let's remember this:
"He has made everything beautiful in His time..." Ecclesiasties 3:11
What mess is being made beautiful for you?


Dixie McLeod said...

With your permission....incredible written thoughts reflecting what I share across the desk...thinking would like to print this and share appropriately...a take home as it were...

Karise said...

Sure you can share it! Thanks! :)